Eligibility and Forms

All players must follow Cobb County Athletics rules for eligibility both academically and with proper physical examinations. No player will be allowed to participate in conditioning or tryouts until the following forms are returned to their respective coaches.

2015-2016 Cobb Athletics Physical Form – All players and parents should fill out required areas, including insurance information.

Cobb County Concussion Form – All players and parents must sign and date the following form ensuring they understand the risks and symptoms associated with concussions.

Media Release Form – All players and parents must return the following form if they agree to have media displayed on the webpage and player bio.

Cobb County Extracurricular Code of Conduct – All players should familiarize themselves with the expectations of an athlete based on Cobb County policy. Each team will also have their own expectations in addition to the Cobb County Code of Conduct.

2015-2016 Student/Parent Athletic Handbook – Players and parents should read through the eligibility requirements on page 6 for academic related eligibility.